Friday, 14 October 2011

Aside #10: Update on Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge

October Update:

Well, we had an upsetting call Tuesday night

The Wildlife Refuge Centre, opened so cheerfully and with tons of people at the Opening just weeks ago, was raided on Tuesday afternoon by the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources.  Some of the animals (I think raccoons) were seized!  It's still murky why but may be paperwork is not all in order or such is the claim by wildlife resources. 

Note:  (I wrote about our adventures with Huey, Dewey and Louie Raccoons in September and how Husband found this new Wildlife Refuge Centre.... check out the posting and see why I am now upset). 

Anyway, how incredibly bureaucratically small-mindedly stupid.... Can you spell D-U-M-B.... what a waste of taxpayer resources to send people out to confront and seize animals being cared for.  Did the phone not work? Is email not an option? A simple messge saying better hold off.... few more questions.  No, it gets elevated to the level of an operation....

Maybe there's more to the story.  Will wait and see what Husband gets next. 

The Ottawa Citizen ran a story Thursday. 

Ministry officers raid woman's private wildlife rescue centre.  I tried to copy it over but seems the technology is resisting me. 

Hang in there Lady Goat.

Anne Marie

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